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We are a Digital Marketing agency that hates to spend money on Pay Per Click. We are also a Digital Marketing agency that really cares about their clients. Our CEO Wilfried Ligthart (50) is a Digital Blacksmith that specializes in driving external traffic He is an expert in developing, engaging and monetize digital communities. Wilfried is an expert speaker and travels the world teaching people how to build, manage and optimize ROI-focused communities with loyal buyers. In 2018 he spoke at Amazon Headquarters in London about how to drive external traffic to Amazon.

We want our clients to rank number 1 at Google.

There are so many agencies that charge a lot without any results while our philosophy is: provide value first and the money will follow, that is why we offer SEO on No Cure No Pay basis, in other words, if we don’t get you on page 1 of Google, you don’t pay.

We have a team of 40 specialists working around the clock and our official Google Partner and Microsoft Bing Accredited.

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Why Pay Per Click can be a Bottomless Money Pit

We’ve seen companies spend thousands of dollars for a small number of keywords to rank. You will see a temporary increase in page ranking, but unless your content is really applicable, it won’t last.

Key points

Reverse engineering Google is, in our view the best strategy. All White hat as black hat can be effective in the short term, but every SEO tricks will backfire.
Once Google figures out a”Trick”, it will change the page rank algorithm to eliminate that trick and Your Website can drop in page rank immediately — wiping out the money you’ve spent on SEO.  It’s much better to concentrate on one primary topic and employ an Internet platform that automates those elements of SEO that are best practices set by Google

Everyone Wants to Be Ranked #1

There are 1.1275 billion websites, many focussing on the same audience. That is the competition and everyone wants to be ranked #1.

Not being ranked toward the top means that you are basically invisible online. Data is somewhat sketchy, but the huge majority of information indicates that if you are not on the first page, click through rates fall fast. Even on the very first page, the gap between the #1 and #2 rankings is striking as illustrated below.

“Build it and they will come” is the mantra of certain death online, so rank well on Google is often vital to the health of a small business. SEO companies generally promise that they will analyze your website, its content, the visitors coming to your website and provide you recommendations on how to make the site rank higher over time. They charge you sometimes insane amounts of money.

Google Doesn’t Care

Google could not care less about you, your site and how it ranks. They simply don’t. In the view of Google, you are not special, your boss is not special, your company is not particular — and I’m not special either. The sooner everyone realizes this simple reality, the better we will all be when it comes to this type of stuff.

Google is in the business of supplying relevant searches so people continue to use their search engine. Google makes the huge majority of their money selling advertising space. More time on Google (and the Internet generally ) = more advertising sold = more money made. It’s really that easy. But Google Still Needs You

In exactly the same breath, Google wants the content to index and search so there’s something to return when somebody searches. They WANT to locate your content and publish best practices about how best to construct websites so they can easily be indexed and supply free resources and SEO information to publishers and webmasters since, in a very real sense, your site is part of Google’s inventory.

But wait, if Google wants to find you and gives you free resources and advice, why do organizations to pay somebody else to do SEO? We have been asking ourselves that for several years. The only good reason we have ever managed to come up with is that somebody simply does not have enough time and the (technical) skills to do it themselves.

The issue arises when you need to rank high for something but your offering isn’t unique or compelling. How many law firms do the exact same thing? How many fund firms? How many businesses that do very similar work are out there. Bear in mind, everyone wants to be #1, that is why we now offer No Cure No Pay SEO in other words if you don’t rank and make money from free leads you don’t pay

We have seen firms spend thousands of dollars on only a small number of keywords to rank and then it disappears overnight. That is why we think paying for SEO with a guarantee of success is like throwing money into a pit or light it on fire.

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Co-founder of Mojo Global Cory Michael Sanchez.